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Purpose of the Riverton USD 404 Teacher Mentoring and Induction Program


The Riverton USD 404 Board of Education, administration, faculty and staff understand that teacher quality is of paramount importance to improved student learning.  Therefore, we must make it our mission to hire, adequately support, and retain those teachers that will ensure the students of this district maximize their learning potential.  In order to accomplish this task, we will provide beginning teachers, teachers new to the district, and teachers with new assignments an appropriate, high quality multi-year induction and mentoring program aligned with the Kansas State Department of Education’s Standards and Criteria for Mentoring Programs as well as the organizational goals and mission of the Riverton USD 404 School District.



1.      To promote excellence in teaching and to increase the retention of beginning teachers through a professional development program which provides a seamless progression of assistance and support from beginning teacher level to induction to the master teacher phase.

2.      To provide guidance, direction, and support for teachers new to the district


1.      To identify exemplary teachers who can provide guidance, support, and one-to-one assistance to new and beginning teachers.

2.      To enhance the professional development activities that address issues and concerns specific to new and beginning teachers.

3.      To increase the retention of promising new teachers.

4.      To provide new and beginning teachers with immediate, personal peer contact in order to build supportive environment for discovery of the school culture, policies, practices and procedures.

5.      To provide continuous assistance to new and beginning teachers through a structured needs-based program of collaborative activities with a mentor teacher.


Last Modified on March 29, 2017