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Changes to Basketball Game Attendance Announced


Beginning this Friday, January 29th, changes to the basketball attendance will be as follows:

  • Each participant is now allowed up to 4 spectators at their games/performances. Those 4 names will need to be on the pass list for each night. Those names do not have to be just parent/guardians, but we are asking that students fill those slots with family first. REMINDER: Your name must be on the pass list to enter an activity.
  • The pass list is located at the front entrance to the MPAC facility at the admission table. Once spectators have been marked off the pass list, they will need to pay admission to enter the game.
  • Siblings/Students that are Middle School age and younger will be expected to be seated with parents during the entire game. They will not be allowed to wander around the gym, lobby, or hallways.
  • Social distancing is still a KSHSAA requirement, so we ask that spectators sit with their groups of 4 during the contest.
  • Masks and Temperature checks are also still required. Masks must be worn properly at all times inside the building. Those who refuse to comply with this requirement will be asked to leave the contest.
  • Home seating in the MPAC will be located on the EAST side of the gym. Visitor seating will be located on the WEST side of the gym
  • Home seating in the Fieldhouse will be located on the NORTH side of the gym. Visitor seating will be located on the SOUTH side of the gym.
  • With the addition of more spectators, it will be important that there is no congregating in the lobby or gym areas between games. When games are completed, you will be expected to leave the building.


We are happy that more fans will be able to enjoy games in our facilities for the rest of the season. These guidelines will assist us in making sure our season continues and our athletes can continue competition. Please help us by following these procedures to keep participants and spectators safe. We look forward to seeing more fans as we finish up the season!