• Social Studies
    Instructors:  Mr. Adam Babcock and Mr. Danny Weaver

    6th Grade – Civic-Government / Economics /Geography / World History

    7th Grade – Civics-Government/ Economics/ Geography/ Kansas History

    8th Grade – Civics-Government/Economics/Geography/American History


    Civics-Government – (6th, 7th, and 8th Grades) understanding civic ideals and practices is crucial to complete participation in society and is the main purpose of social studies. Students will learn about civic participation and the role of the citizen with in his or her community, country, and world.


    Economics – (6th, 7th, and 8th Grades) the student uses a working knowledge and understanding of major economic concepts, issues, and systems, applying decision-making skills as a consumer, producer, saver, investor, and citizen of Kansas and the United States.


    Geography – (6th, 7th and 8th Grades) the study of people, places and environments will help students as they create their special views and geographic perspective of the world. Students begin to make informed and critical decisions about the relationship between humans and their environment. I the middle years, students can relate their personal experiences to happenings in other environments.


    World History – (6th grade) Understanding time, continuity, and change involves being knowledgeable about what things were like in the past and how things change and develop over time.  Knowing how to read and reconstruct the past helps students gain a historical perspective.  Students will increase their knowledge of the past and of historical concepts.


    Kansas History – (7th Grade) The student uses a working knowledge and understanding of significant individuals, groups, ideas, events, eras, and developments in the history of Kansas, the United States, and the world, utilizing essential analytical and research skills.


    American History – (8th Grade) the student will use a working knowledge and understanding of individuals, groups, eras, and developments that helped shape America in to what it is today. Students will utilize essential analytical skills starting with the Jefferson era and continuing through the Civil War.

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