• Reading & Language Arts                  

    Sixth Grade Reading & Language Arts
    Instructor:  Mrs. Sophia DeSilva

    At RMS reading and language art classes are divided into two classes.  This was done to help focus on the skills needed for the state assessments taken in the spring.  In class we focus on three to four novels per grade level.  Focus is placed on literary elements (plot, conflict, setting) and literary devices (simile, metaphor, idiom) while reading these novels.  Study Island, formative tests and daily assignments help us to prepare for the standards that are to be tested.  Last nine weeks we move into our literature series focusing of different genres of literature.
    Seventh Grade Reading & Language Arts
    Instructor:  Mrs. Ashlyn Krei

    Thank you for visiting the Language Arts Department!  We hope this document will give you (the student and parent) some valuable information to help ensure everyone’s success language arts.


    In any profession a person may choose, one thing is certain; we must be able to communicate.  Therefore, it is the intent of the language arts department to help prepare students in becoming better communicators.  This is no small task and will be attacked in several manners.  We will study the different modes of writing and practice each one extensively using the six traits of writing.  We’ll continue to fine tune our skills in grammar, usage and the mechanics of writing. Our goal is to help each student become a better communicator in both the written and spoken mode.


    We do believe every child has the ability to learn.  However, we realize that children do learn in different ways and at different levels.  It is our personal goal to motivate each child to reach his or her potential in the classroom. 



    Eighth Grade Reading & Language Arts
    Instructor:  Mrs. Becky McDonald
    Welcome to RLA at the 8th Grade Level. We focus on the areas of Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Writing, Language (Vocabulary Development, Grammar & Usage), and Speaking & Listening Skills. We utilize the KS College and Career Readiness Standards to set high expectations for our students. You may link to those standards on our website. As well, your child has a copy of those standards for their availability. We conduct short writes (journaling weekly), as well as longer essay writing each quarter in addition to poetry (creative writing). We are blessed to have a one to one initiative utilizing technology in our middle school.  Students are encouraged to engage in silent sustained reading through our AR Program. We visit the library weekly to make a portion of that time available during school. However, your student will need additional time to read at home in order to complete their AR requirements. We will encounter various genres: realistic fiction, non-fiction autobiography, poetry, and fantasy fiction. Because all children learn differently, the instruction is differentiated through individual strategies, teamwork, and project-based learning. Speaking and Listening Skills will be employed as we hold classroom discussions, give speeches and create presentations. 
    ELA Standards can be obtained at http://www.corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy. 
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