Riverton USD 404

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Physical Education

Freshmen PE
Instructor:  Mrs. Kelli Pant

Course Goals:  This course is designed to provide teenagers with the knowledge and skills needed to understand their own personal health/fitness goals in order to maintain a physically active, healthy lifestyle. Also develop the motor skills that can be used in a variety of physical activities to take on a healthy lifestyle.          


Two main areas of focus in the course include:

Part 1: Health-Related Fitness

Part 2: Lifetime Physical Activity


A few of the activities that will take place in Physical Education are as follows:

Volleyball        Basketball       Badminton      Soccer             Walking

Tennis               Jogging            Aerobics          Yoga                 Golf



Freshmen Health
Instructor:  Mrs. Kelli Pant
Course Goals: This course is designed to educate teens on health issues of today. Teaching the kids they have to take responsibility for their quality of life. They will be taught that it begins with a conscious decision to shape a healthy lifestyle.
The course consists of four main categories that will be taught throughout the year: Sex Education, Drugs and Alcohol, Nutrition, and Stress and Depression.

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