• Fine Arts

    Instructor:  Mrs. Amelia Markley
    This class alternates with band for a full year.  In addition to continuing to study technique, students have even more opportunities to play compositions by the “great composers,” and study a varied repertoire.   Performances are mandatory and include:  Christmas concert, Spring concert, Baccalaureate, Music Festivals – including CNC League, State Large Group and Regional & State Solo and Small Ensemble; along with any other performances for which students will be given at least a two-week notice.  Students are encouraged to prepare a solo or participate in a small ensemble for Spring music festivals.
    World Languages 
    Instructor:  Ms. Paige Pate

    Riverton High School offers two units of Spanish.  The program is designed to comply with standards set in Standards for Foreign Language Learning:  Preparing for the 21st Century,  the 1996 publication of the National Standards in Foreign Language Education Project.

    In an effort to accommodate all students’ learning styles, a variety of teaching methods is used, including total physical response, role playing, cooperative learning, rote memory, and the extensive use of technology.

    The objective is to have students who are well rounded in language skills, including reading, writing, and speaking in the language and who also demonstrate an awareness of cultures of those native speakers of each language.  Therefore, in all levels, study of religion, culture, geography, social life, history, and colonization will be incorporated into the curriculum.

    Visual Arts
    Instructor:  Mr. Randy French

    The Riverton Visual Arts Department uses the traditional sequence of art courses:  Art I,  and Advanced Art. 
    The foundation of all the art classes is the elements of art and the principles of design.  Art history and art criticism are also a basic part of each class.
    Art I is required before taking advanced classes and is considered a necessity for a solid foundation before taking advanced classes.
    Learning about the visual arts not only is a key to understanding, appreciating, and creating art, but is a link to improved skills in other curriculum areas as well.
Last Modified on October 8, 2020