• Science
    Instructors:  Mrs. Jayne Jones & Mr. Seth Ellenburg

    The RHS Science department offers a variety of courses that provide the necessary information for making informed decisions as well as for those wanting to pursue a career in a science related field. Introductory and advanced courses are offered in the Biological, Physical, and Earth sciences. Concurrent credit is offered in Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology.

    Three science credits are required for graduation.  Physical Science and Biology are mandatory courses for every student.  These classes are laboratory based and are aligned with the Kansas State Standards.  Students may choose their third required course from the biological or physical sciences.  We encourage students who plan on seeking a higher degree to take advantage of our full course offerings.

    Courses offered at RHS: 

    ·         Physical Science  (mandatory 9th grade)

    ·         Biology (mandatory 10th grade)

    ·         Earth Science

    ·         Biology II

    ·         Chemistry (concurrent)

    ·         Anatomy and Physiology (concurrent)

    ·         Physics


Last Modified on October 8, 2020