• Supplies

    2016-17 Elementary Supply List
    2 Kindergarten writing tablets
    Crayola Crayons - 48 count           1 quart size Ziploc bags - girls
    1 Large pink erasers
    1 Bottle Elmers School glue           1 gallon size Ziploc bags - boys
    2 Boxes Crayola Crayons (24 count)
    1 Package of No.2 Ticonderoga Pencils
    1 Package Crayola washable markers (8 basic colors)
    1 big pink eraser
    1 Box of Crayola watercolor paints
    Colored Pencils - 24 count
    8 Elmer's glue sticks
    1 Packages wide-ruled notebook paper 
    1 Pair Fiskar scissors with dull metal blades
    2 Plastic pocket folders
    3 Boxes of Kleenex
    Pencil box
    1 Box of gallon bags
    2 Boxes of tissue
    1 Box of quart bags
    Pointed metal scissors
    1 Plastic school box (5x8)
    1 Headphone (no earbuds)
    1 pkgs Ticonderoga brand pencils (no decorative)
    1  70 page spiral notebook
    Inexpensive on-ear head phones
    1 Watercolor set
    4 2-pocket heavy duty folders w/pictures on cover (no plastic) 2 large glue sticks
    1 Spiral notebook (70 pages) 

    2 Pocket folders w/brads
    Packaged snack for 24 students
    Backpack with no wheels
    1 Kindermat
    4 Glue sticks                                                      Large Accordian folder
    1 pkg Crayola crayons jumbo 8 pk

    1 Boxes of Kleenex                                           2  pack Clorox wipes


    1 Box of Crayola crayons (24 count)                Expo Markers
    3 sturdy pocket folders w/brads                        Red grading pencil
    1 Box of Crayola crayons (24 colors)                   

    2 Boxes Crayola colored pencils (24 count)      Handheld pencil sharpener
    1 Box of washable Crayola markers ( 8 classic colors)
    2 Boxes #2 Ticonderoga pencils (no mechanical)     1 pair earbuds
    1 Box watercolor paints (Prang or Crayola)
    4 packages wide-ruled notebook paper                     Soprano Recorder
    1 Pair Fiskar scissors 
    1 Large eraser                                                            Jumpdrive
    1 Box of 8 washable Crayola markers (classic colors)
    5 Composition Notebooks (no spirals)
    2 Pkgs. #2 Ticonderoga brand pencils (no decorative or plastic) 2 Scissors (sharp pointed)
    2 Big pink erasers
    Crayola Classic washable markers (large & fine tip)
    2 (70-page) Spiral notebooks                            Headphones
    4 Highlighters
    2 Large box of Kleenex                                     Clorox Wipes
    Large, Soft Pencil Bag w/zipper
    1 5x8 plastic school box                                     4 glue sticks
    Set of multiplication flashcards
    1 Box quart size Ziploc baggies - girls
    1 Box Ziploc gallon size bags
    1 Box gallon size Ziploc baggies - boys
     3 Ring plastic pencil holder w/brads FIFTH GRADE
     1 plastic folder w/brads (no pictures)
    2 Boxes of Kleenex                      x        
    2 paper folders w/brads (no pictures)

    6 Glue sticks                                     x
    2 Expo dry erase markers

    12 Count box of colored pencils      x
    Grading pen   x
    8 oz. bottle of white Elmer's glue (no gel)
    4 Pocket folders w/holes   x
    Ruler-with inches and centimeters (wooden rulers only) 
    1" or 2" binder (optional)
    Crayola Crayons - 24 count (No RoseArt or
    2 (12 count) Packages of #2 pencils    x
    1 Pkg Wide-ruled notebook paper 
    2 pkgs Wide rule notebook paper         x
    4 2-pocket heavy duty folders with pictures
    on front (no brads)
    1 Highlighter          x
    2 2-pocket folders with brads
     Erasers    x
    2 pkgs #2 Ticonderaga brand pencils (no
    decorative or plastic) 
    Scissors (sharp pointed)           x
    2 Boxes Kleenex
    Pencil bag                   x
    Sharp pointed scissors
    4 Composition Notebooks    x
    Big eraser
     2 plastic  Pocket folders w/brads
    4 Glue sticks
    2 spiral notebooks (70 page)

    2 EXPO markers
    School Box
    1 Box washable Crayola Markers (classic colors)
    1 Box watercolor paints (Prang or Crayola)
    1 Box Crayola brand colored pencils (24 count) 

    Clorox wipes - boys
    1 Box gallon size Ziploc bags - girls 
     Deodorant to keep in cubby
    Inexpensive earbuds to keep at school 

    *Please make sure all items are labeled
    with child's name

     * No backpacks with wheels

Last Modified on August 1, 2016