• Riverton USD 404 Student Testing Data
    State Assessments
    Click on the links below to access information about the performance of Riverton USD 404 students on the Kansas Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies Assessments.  Data points found within each of the charts represents the percentage of students who meet or exceed proficiency on each of the assessments.  Comparisons to state averages and mandated adequate yearly progress (AYP) targets are provided when appropriate.
    Kansas Math Assessments
    Kansas Science Assessments
    Nationally Normed Assessments
    Students in grades 8 and 10 take the EXPLORE and PLAN assessments provided by the ACT organization.  These tests are curriculum-based educational and career planning assessment programs that measure the student's achievement in English, math, reading, and science. 
    The ACT is a curriculum based assessment that evaluates 11th and 12th grade student's general learning outcomes in English, math, reading, and science.  It is the most widely accepted college entrance exam in the United States and helps students gauge their readiness for college-level coursework. 
    Locally Selected Assessment
    Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP)
    Riverton USD 404 Schools have selected the NWEA MAP as a assessment to measure academic progress and individual student growth.  According to the NWEA Website, "Growth is defined as the change in a student's score and improvement in achievement over time."  For reporting purposes, data will be displayed as the percentage of students meeting individual growth targets.
Last Modified on July 17, 2014