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    • $250 scholarship awarded to one RHS senior pursuing a teaching degree
    • Click on the following link, complete and turn in to Mr. Hunt with your PERSONAL PROFILE.


    Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship

    · $2,000 to a Riverton High School Senior

    · Must be attending a 2-year or 4-year college in the Fall

    · Must be on track for graduation

    · Include transcript and Personal Profile

    Shelter Insurance Scholarship Application (Download, type, and print)


    USD 404 Education Foundation Scholarship 

    Scholarships awarded from this foundation will go to Riverton USD 404 Students

    Students may be attending a 2 or 4-year college or a vocational school.

    Students may be majoring in any field.

    You will be interviewing for multiple scholarships. 
    * Sara Ann Gilstrap = $500 (1 Student) – USD #404 App
    * Mary Ann Talbot -$500 (4 Students) – USD #404 App

    * Mary Ann Talbot Renewable Scholarship: $500 Freshman year, $1000 Soph - Senior Year*

    * Fred Richards = $500 (2 Students)- USD #404 App
    * Doris Osborn = $250 (1 Female) – USD #404 App
    * David Osborn = $250 (1 Male) – USD #404 App
    * James Osborn = $300 (1 Student) – USD #404 App
    * Roger Bezinque = $500 (1 Student) – USD #404 App
    * Pauline Hunneycutt = $500 (1 Student) – USD #404 App
    * Dr. Melissa Ann Gaines & Dustin Roy Gaines of the GainEstate Company Scholarship $500 (1)
    –USD 404 App
    *Melvin and Connie Richey Memorial Scholarship – 1 Designated for Technical Education
    Student $500, 1 designated for a college-bound student (2) –USD#404 App
    * Shelter Insurance = $2000 (1 Student) – Shelter Insurance App

    Fill out the following application and turn in your PERSONAL PROFILE or resume to Mr. Hunt 

    USD 404 Educational Foundation Scholarship


    Riverton Alumni Scholarship

    Local scholarship, turn in your PERSONAL PROFILE with your application. Click on the following for more information and application.

    Riverton Alumni Scholarship  


    Keeton-McCallister Memorial Scholarship

    Local memorial scholarship. Click on the following for more information and application Keeton-McCallister application


    Coffeyville Community College 

    This is a full-tuition scholarship to Coffeyville Community College. Must enroll in at least 12 hours and maintain a 2.0 GPA while in college.  Click on the following for an application. Coffeyville Community College


    American Bank Scholarship 

    Bank of America Scholarship, $1000 opportunity for RHS seniors. Fill out the following application and turn in your PERSONAL PROFILE.  American Bank Scholarship 



    NEO Principal / Counselor Scholarship

    This scholarship will go to a Riverton Student

    The student must attend NEO

    $600 Per Year

    Click here for the application NEO Principal Scholarship


















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