•  Credit Recovery
     Instructors:  Ms. Debbie Nichols
    RHS CR courses feature rigorous, standards-aligned instruction & powerful interactive tools that support learning.  By engaging multimedia & real-world applications, we help ensure students build content knowledge & essential skills.

    Instructional Model Instruction:  Assignments and assessments help students engage with lessons, ensure students master key concepts, and provide immediate, actionable feedback.

    Instruction: Direct-instruction videos feature expert, on-screen teachers who explain concepts, model strategies, provide examples, and make real-world connections. Students stop to complete tasks that check for understanding. They can also pause or rewind videos to take notes or review concepts as they progress through instruction at their own pace.

    Assignments: Meaningful assignments ensure students master key concepts and develop analytical and critical-thinking skills. Throughout our courses, students will read, write, explore, create, practice, predict, and much more.

    Assessments:  Assessments test for mastery and provide immediate, actionable feedback for students and teachers. 

Last Modified on March 14, 2017