• FAQs
    What does the Riverton VLP include?
    • Coursework at NO COST! 
    • Access to a laptop computer for all full-time students. (A technology fee of $15 per semester does apply)
    • On-site instructional support through the Cornerstone Learning Center, Galena
    Who can enroll?
    • The Riverton VLP is available to high school students, under age 19, who live within the boundaries of the Riverton School District.  At this time, we are unable to accept high school age students who reside outside of the school district.  
    • Adult learners, age 19 and older, can live anywhere and attend the Riverton VLP. 
    How do I enroll in the Riverton VLP?
    • High school and adult learners should contact Janice Bone or Don Grosdidier to begin the enrollment process with the Riverton VLP.   Janice Bone can be reached at (620) 235-0120 or janice.bone@greenbush.org;  Don Grosdidier can be reached at (785) 979-1495 or don.grosdidier@greenbush.org
    • High school students under age 19 will then work with the administrative and counseling staff at Riverton High School to complete the enrollment process. 
    When can I enroll?
    • Students under the age of 19 should enroll no later than September 15.  
    • Enrollment for adult learners is available year-round.
    Are there any documents I will need in order to enroll?
    Students need the following documents in order to enroll in the Riverton VLP:
    • Birth certificate
    • Immunization records
    • Proof of residence
    • Transcript of completed coursework
    Are there other requirements?
    • Internet access is a must
    • Students must also demonstrate progress toward the completion of agreed-upon number of credits required for graduation and meet virtual attendance requirements if you are under the age of 19. 
    Is there individualized teacher support available to students who are enrolled in the Riverton VLP?
    Riverton VLP teachers will respond to students' questions via e-mail or telephone within 24 hours.  The exception to this would be holidays and weekends.  A staff member is also available for in-person support at the Cornerstone Learning Center according to a schedule that is set at the beginning of the year.
    Who are the contacts for information about the Riverton VLP?
    • Janice Bone (620) 235-0120 or janice.bone@greenbush.org
    • Don Grosdidier (785) 979-1495 or don.grosdidier@greenbush.org
Last Modified on August 18, 2015