• Organizational Beliefs
    At Riverton Unified School District No. 404 we believe
    • all students are unique and deserve equal access to a quality education.
    • the collaborative efforts of the home, school, and community have a direct impact on the quality of a child's educational experience and that the best educational decisions are made in partnership with stakeholders.
    • all children can learn both academically and socially, but not always at the same rate and time.  Therefore, we will provide developmentally appropriate opportunities and activities that allow students to practice and apply what they are learning.
    • competency in basic academic, interpersonal, and technological skills increase personal growth and opportunity.
    • all decisions, policies, and procedures must be based on what is best for the students.
    • responsibility is a necessary skill learned through consistent accountability and expectations.
    • in a learning community that promotes positive character, respect for self and others, good citizenship, and community service.
    • the actions of each stakeholder in the pursuit of these beliefs will determine the integrity of our school.
Last Modified on April 12, 2023