NCAA College Freshman Eligibility Begins in High School

    Riverton NCAA Approved Course Titles

                                                                          Social Science

    English I                                                                     American Government

    English II                                                                   American Government (CP)

    English III                                                                  American History

    English IV                                                                  Global Affairs

    English IV (CP)                                                          Psychology

    Journalism                                                                  World/Regional Studies

    Speech (.5)


    Math                                                                          Natural / Physical Science

    Advanced Math                                                         Anatomy and Physiology

    Algebra I                                                                   Biology

    Algebra II                                                                  Biology II

    Calculus                                                                     Chemistry

    Geometry                                                                    Earth / Space Science

    Math / Advanced Math                                              College Biology

    Algebra II A .5                                                           Physical Science

    Algebra II B .5                                                           Physics

                                                                                       Advanced Biology

    Additional Core Courses

    French I

    French II

    Spanish I

    Spanish II

    Computer Concepts & Applications (.5) 



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Last Modified on May 8, 2017