• Important Resources
    Area Agencies:


    Lafayette House (Joplin)  1-417-782-1772

    Cherokee County Health Department 1-620-429-3087

    Freeman 1-417-347-7600

    Mercy  1-417-781-2727

    Bear Hugs (mildly ill child care) (ext 1727) 800-362-0390

    Elm Acres Youth Services 620-230-0583

    Child Support Enforcement 620-429-3014

    Legal Services of Southeast Kansas 620-232-1330

    Social and Rehabilitation Services 620-429-3014

    Youth Friends 800-563-0472

    Class Ltd. (serving people with disabilities) 620-429-1212

    Education Service Center- Greenbush (hearing screening) 620-724-6281

    SEK Respite Services, Inc. (ext. 1642) 800-362-0390          

    See to Learn (vision screening) 800-960-3937

    Women, Infant and Children (WIC) 620-429-3338

    American Red Cross 620-231-3420

    Salvation Army 620-231-0415

    Child Support Enforcement 620-429-3014

    Cherokee County Attorney 620-429-3836

    Legal Services of Southeast Kansas 620-232-1330

    Cherokee County Sheriff (Riverton) 620-848-3000
    Area Counseling Services

    Area Counseling Agencies

    *Substance Abuse Program Available


    *Spring River Wellness Center (Riverton) 1-620-848-2300

    *Spring River Wellness Center (Columbus) 1-620429-1860

    Spring River Wellness Emergency Number 866-634-2301 

    Will's Place Ages 2-18 (Joplin) 1-417-347-7580

    *Via Christi Behavioral Health (Pittsburg) 1-620-231-1068 

    Safehouse Crisis Center (Pittsburg) 1-800-794-9148

    Al-Anon Family Groups (Pittsburg) 1-888-425-2666

    *Cherokee County Mental Health (Columbus) 1-620-429-1860

    Crawford County Mental Health (Pittsburg) 1-620-231-5130

    *New Directions (Joplin) 417-347-7700

    (Walk in assessments Mon, Tues, Thurs – arrive before 7 am. Bring photo ID, Social Security Card, proof of address.)


    Counseling Associates of the Four States LLC (Joplin) 1-417-627-9994

    Skyline Center LLC (Joplin) 1-417-182-1443

    *Elm Acres (Pittsburg) 620-231-6129

    *Turn Around Ranch (Joplin) 417-347-7860 (Inpatient only)

    Mercy Behavioral Health (Joplin) 1-417-781-7337


    Area Clinics
    Baxter Springs Health Clinic 620-856-2900
    Health Clinic Columbus 620-429-2101
    Pittsburg Health Clinic 620-231-9873


    Hotline Numbers:


    Safe house (Domestic Violence) 800-794-9148

    Poison Control 800-332-6633

    Rape Hotline 1-417-782-1111

    Parental Stress Hotline 188-367-2543

    Youth Crises and Runaway 1-800-231-6946

    Al-Anon Hotline 800-356-9996

    Alcohol and Drug Abuse 800-821-4357

    Missing Children’s Hotline 800-426-5678

    Nat’l Adolescence Suicide 800-621-4000

    Suicide Hotline 800-444-9999

    Suicide Prevention 24 hr. 800-247-0661

    Child/Adult Abuse Hotline 800-922-5330 or 800-392-3738

    Kan Child Protection and Report Hotline 800-922-5330
    Fax Abuse Report To: 1-866-317-4279
    E-Mail Abuse Report To KSPRC@srs.ks.gov
    Mail Abuse Report:
    Kansas Protection Report Center
    Docking State Office Building
    915 SW Harrison, 5th floor
    Topeka, KS 66612





    SRS Disability Behavioral Health Services (DBHS) Mental Health


    Kansas Health Solutions 888-547-2878 www.kansashealthsolutions.org

    Health Wave 800-792-4884 www.kansashealthwave.org

    Southeast Kansas Regional Prevention Center 316-724-6281

    NYU Child Study Center (parenting styles) www.aboutourkids.org/aboutour/articles/parentingstyles.html

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention www.cdc.gov/tobacco



    Baxter Police  620-856-2112
    Galena Police 620-783-5065
    Riverton Poice 620-429-3992
    Cherokee County 620-457-8456
    Columbus 620-429-1332



Last Modified on September 9, 2017