Riverton USD 404

A School Expecting Excellence and Achieving It!

  Lil Ram
Riverton Elementary School

Located in extreme Southeast Kansas, Riverton Elementary School strives to meet needs of all students.  
Enrollment information about Riverton Elementary School
Current enrollment is 352 students in grades PK-5.
49% are Male          51% are Female
68% of students are economically disadvantaged
81% are White
15% are more than one race
3% are Hispanic
1% are African American
Professional Staff
The 28 certified employees of Riverton Elementary have combined years of experience of 454 years.  This is an average of 16.21 years of experience each.
Seventeen of the  certified employees, or 60% of the elementary staff, have an Advanced or Master's Degree.
Additional Interesting Facts
Since 1985, the smallest enrollment was 302 students during the 1992-93 school year.  The largest enrollment since 1985 was 430 students during the 2006-07 school year.
Since 1934, Riverton Elementary has had ten principals and two assistant principals.
We began serving kindergarten students in 1966 for half a day and moved to a full day kindergarten program in the fall of 1998.
A Four-Year-Old Pre-School program was added in 1999-2000.
In 1965, school began at 9:00 am and ended at 3:50 pm with a 45 minute lunch period.  In 1983, school started at 8:15 am and students were dismissed at 3:15 pm with a 30 minute lunch period.
1975-76 was the first year that special needs children attended school at Riverton, with two identified students.  During 1975-76, this accounted for .006% of our student body.  Today, we have 40 identified special needs students or 11.36% of our student body.  We have many more that have been through our Student Improvement Team process that has been kept out of special education because of the work of that team and the classroom teachers.
We had eleven classroom teachers from 1966-1987--two per grade level except for kindergarten who had one.  In 1987, we started adding the third section of grade level teachers beginning in grade 1. 
In 1989 we were required to begin teaching a course about HIV and Human Sexuality at least once in elementary (5th grade) and once at the middle school level.
1990 was the first year the Elementary School and Middle School joined Riverton High School for NCA Accreditation.
The breakfast program started for students in 1994.
Talent is God given - Be Humble
Fame is man given - Be Grateful
Conceit is self given - Be Careful.
                                   John Wooten
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