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Concurrent Credit

                  How Do I Earn College Credit For My High School Courses?

Concurrent Enrollment Courses

 Riverton High School and Labette Community College staff members have articulated their curriculum content in specific Science and math classes. Students who meet pre-defined levels of competency may enroll in these class for college credit.

 High School courses available for college credit:

  • Advanced Math – Consists of College Algebra (3 credits -Sem 1) & Trigonometry (3 credits - Sem 2)  = 6 total credits
  • Calculus- 5 College Credits (2 Semesters)
  • English IV - English Comp I ( 3 credits -Sem. 1) and Gen Lit (3 credits -Sem. 2) = 6 college credits
  • Psychology -General Psychology (3 credits -Sem. 1) and  Developmental Psychology ( 3 credits -Sem.2)  =6 college credits
  • College Biology - 5 College Credits (2 Semester)

 RHS Juniors and Seniors are eligible to enroll in college course under the following guidelines:

  1. Students must be at the junior or senior credit status as designated by the school district.
  2. Students must have the permission of his/her high school principal to enroll in a class for college credit.
  3. Students must enroll as a part-time student at Labette Community College. (Enrollment can be done at RHS)
  4. Students must accept responsibility for the cost of tuition, book fees, etc., charged by the college.
  5. Students must take and score in the acceptable range on the COMPASS admissions test to be eligible for enrollment. (The test is given at RHS at no cost or obligation to the student)

 What Are the Costs of Concurrent Courses?

 LCC Tuition for 2012-13

$46 per credit hour + $36 fees =$86 per credit hour for tuition (2014-15)

Students with an accumulative GPA of 3.0 or above receive a Jump Start Grant. They pay only the fees -$36 per credit hour.

 Compare the Cost:  MSSU - $173 per credit hour

                                      PSU - $221 per credit hour

 What are the Benefits of Concurrent Courses?

Concurrent courses allow RHS students to graduate from high school with credits that transfer to colleges and universities and count towards the students graduation requirements. It is highly recommended that students review their intended college major to determine if the concurrent credit will be of benefit to them.

Qualifying Compass Scores or Qualifying ACT Score Required:

 Compass Score:

English 70% 

Reading  75%

Math 57%

 ACT Score:

English 18

Reading 18

Math 20

 Scores Required

College Algebra requires both a reading and math test

Chemistry requires a reading test

A&P requires a reading test

English requires a reading and English test

Calculus requires a math and reading test

Psychology requires a reading test

 When applying to other colleges, all students must request their transcript from Labette Community College. Please download a form from this link:  Labette Transcript Release


Last Modified on September 14, 2016